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Welcome to the "Slavyanka" hotel!


Renewed Restaurant Menu

Since February 2015, Slavyanka Restaurant has proudly presented the renewed European and absolutely new Russian menus. Our chief managed to combine fascinating simplicity of traditional Russian cuisine and unique refinement of De Luxe category restaurant. We are glad to offer you Ribay marbled beefsteak, rack of lamb, lamb shank in Demi-Glace classical sauce, tender pork medallions. Seize the moment to taste salmon steak, delicious zander, and halibut fillet baked depending on your choice - in foil or parchment paper, grilled or steamed “Imperial” fish soup made of three kinds of fish or warm “Aristocrat” salad – exquisite combination of roasted beef slices with vegetable and pomegranate sauce – that is what will make you stomach sing in delightful bliss!


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